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Have you created a personal inventory of essential documents and information?

A personal inventory of essential documents will be a useful reference for yourself, and it will help your loved ones if there’s ever a time when they need to access the information.

Here’s some of what you might include:
• List of insurance policies and contact information
• List of investment, retirement and bank accounts, with all contact information
• List of debt obligations, due dates, and contact information
• Location of relevant documents (your family’s passports, insurance policies, power of attorney, living wills)
• List of doctors and contact information
• List of medications and contact information
• List of all pharmacies that you use
• Location of safety deposit box keys
• Location of your original Social Insurance Number card
A new template is now available on the RTOERO website to help you create your personal inventory. Find it at

District 20 donates $2000 ($500 to each)

Martha's Table,

Southern Frontenac Community Services Food Bank in Sydenham,

North Frontenac Food Bank,

The Salvation Army Food Bank,  Napanee


There are a number of grants, awards and charitable donations presented each year by the provincial RTO/ERO office.  Members are encouraged to review these programs listed below and make recommendations to your local District 20 Executive within the established timelines.  Please note that the ‘Scholarship Program’ must be completed directly on the application placed on the provincial RTO/ERO website.